NEW: GWS-Tooling system for Index MS16!

As of now producing faster, more flexible and more cost-effectively with the GWS-tooling system now also for INDEX MS16.
With Göltenbodt you reduce changeover and tool exchange times on the grooving slide of your INDEX MS16 machine and so improve your efficiency accompanied by shortest amortization.


  • Precise positioning
  • High repeatability
  • GWS-change holder - Machine-independant use
  • High flexibility due to modular design
  • Simple and precise handling and cleaning
  • Robust and durable
  • Quick changeable
  • Wide, variable adjustment range
  • Presettable off the machine tool
  • Process optimization thanks to internal coolant supply

With the GWS-base holder especially designed for the INDEX MS16 grooving slide you can also benefit from these advantages:

  • Fine adjustment z-axes 0,02mm
  • GWS-change holder for square shank usable process optimized right or left handed
  • Positioning free of clearance in the machine slide over T-slot
  • Internal coolant supply up to 100bar through the GWS-tooling system
  • Stable and compact design to guarantee an optimal power flow