Global competition, high competition pressure and rapidly changing market cycles are characteristic for today's situation on the market, entailing the current production requirement. Increasingly faster, flexible and cost efficient production. This can be solved by reducing unproductive tool-related machine downtimes by means of a variable, presettable and quick changeable tooling system.

And this exactly is the core competence of our company. For with our GWS-tooling systems, unproductive tool-related machine downtimes belong to the past. The GWS-tooling systems are characterized by their utmost precision, flexibility and reliability. One of the major strengths of the GWS-tooling systems lies in the fact that the GWS-tool holders for tool change and follow-up orders can be preset during running production, resulting in minimization of downtimes. Orders can be processed significantly faster and in a more flexible manner.

The construction principle of GWS-tooling systems is designed to ensure highest repeatability and a consistently high quality of the turned parts to be produced.

GWS – your variable tooling system, independent of any fixed boundary conditions.


  • Improved economic efficiency
  • Easy and precise handling
  • Machine independent use
  • High flexibility due to modular design
  • Presettable outside machine
  • Process optimization due to inside coolant supply
  • Extremely short payback period